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Thoughts on the May Day Boycott ...

I am responding to the boycott that took place across the country in support of illegal immigrants from Mexico.  Supposedly, the boycott was to support all immigrants, legal and illegal, as well as to publicize the plight of illegal immigrants in this country.  I am not unsympathetic to the problems faced by our less fortunate neighbors to the south, yet I am the product of immigrants who came to this country under similar, or worse, circumstances - but they did it legally.

My Dutch and German grandparents sailed here, in steerage, in the bottoms of ocean liners, packed in like cattle.  My Irish great-grandparents did the same, only earlier.  They dealt with the conditions on Ellis Island, then worked their way from New York to this area.  My Dutch grandfather, born in the Netherlands and an immigrant at 14, proudly fought in Europe in WWI for this, his country.  He never lost his Dutch accent, but he always told us stories about serving in France during the war ... serving FOR AMERICA.

My ancestors faced all the prejudices and resentment that are faced by immigrants today ... with one key exception:  they came here obeying all the laws of their new, chosen country.  They came here with the intent of becoming Americans, NOT with the idea that they would recreate their homeland in another part of the world.  They were eager to take part in the freedom offered by this country; the freedom to choose their own way, the freedom to participate in our unique form of government, the freedom to live or die by the sweat of their own brows.  They embraced the language, customs, laws and society offered by this great land.  They eagerly swore the oath making them American citizens.  Now their children and grandchildren are being coerced into changing all those formalities - and why?

Sheer expediency.  Pure and simple.  The illegal immigrants in this country (and I think many would agree that the bulk of the illegals are Mexican by birth) would demand that this entire COUNTRY change ... not them.  The entire nation is being coerced into adapting to the needs of people who are already flaunting our laws.  If these immigrants cannot respect the laws that require certain conditions to be met before they are accepted as potential citizens, how can they assure us that they will abide by our laws once they are accepted?

There are more reasons than simple population control that govern our immigration laws.  They are also in place to protect the current citizens from those who might not be willing to abide by our laws and customs.  They are there to ensure that those of us either born here or who have already gone through the process of acceptance are protected from potentially violent, disruptive influences.  Influences, if you will, much like those demanding that we change our laws to adapt to THEIR needs.

We have immigration quotas and laws to ensure that:  1. Deserving and needy immigrants from all over the world have the opportunity to become Americans, and 2. Those who are accepted under our immigration laws really do wish to become Americans, in every sense of the term.  NOT Latin-Americans, NOT Mexican-Americans, NOT “Americans” with some other nationality tacked onto the term, but simply AMERICANS.  So why do the illegal Hispanic immigrants feel it is their RIGHT to attempt to force this country to change to suit them?

What supposed authority grants and confers this “right?”  Their impoverished homeland?  Their own corrupt government?  Their country’s inability to care for it’s own people adequately?  I don’t think so.  If that were the case, I think we should give preference to the millions of people starving on the African continent.  We would have hundreds of thousands of Sudanese, Biafrans, Namibians, Congolese, and others here, making the demands that are being made on behalf of the illegal Hispanic immigrants.  After all, I don’t believe our proximity to a troubled nation should automatically grant special rights and privileges to lawbreakers.

If one views the boycott and the issues surrounding it in that light, I think one has a more balanced perspective on the matter.  The people who continue to cross our borders illegally, then attempt to force us to acquiesce to their demands, are out of line.  They should be considered criminals.  They should be removed from our society and returned to their own.  They should be told to work within their own country to find a solution to their nation’s crushing problems.  If they feel they have so much ‘clout’ here in America, perhaps they should use that clout to effect meaningful change in their own sadly backward, corrupt, inept nation.  Even if we were able to deport all the illegal immigrants tomorrow, this nation would continue to progress.  Indeed, we would have an equal or greater number of people from other poor, third-world nations clamoring to take their places!

End of Rant

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
- Theodore Roosevelt

"Quand la populace se mele de raisonner, tout est perdu.
When the masses get involved in reasoning, everything is lost."
- Voltaire 1766

"Revolutions have never lightened the burden of tyranny:  They have only shifted it to another shoulder."
- George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman, 1903
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