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Time to update ... well, PAST time, but ...

Ok, I decided that I need to update my LJ more than I need to fuss with stupid, freaking MyINCOMPETENTspace.  I'm going to start with the story about Mark's fishing trip in the beginning of June.  Why back so far?  Well, the pictures I'm going to include wouldn't make any sense if I didn't tell the story, right?

Just in time for his birthday, MSK took his annual fishing trip to Grand Marais with the O'Brien's (Jerome and Mike).  He left on a Thursday, got there Thursday afternoon, and called me with an "update" on Friday morning.  An UPDATE??  In the 23 years we've been married, he's NEVER called me to tell me about the fishing conditions in Grand Marais.  So, right there, I was suspicious as all hell.  I played along, though, and said "Ok, honey, tell me how the fishing's been."  "So far, I've gotten 9 brookies (brook trout) and a bear."  I did a double-take, staring at the phone for a second.  "A what?"  "A bear!"  "Ok, I'll bite, how did you get a bear?"  As he started the story about how he was on his way back to camp with Jerome after going to the bar, it dawned on me how he got the bear.  WITH MY TRUCK!!!

That mincing mental-deficient hit and killed a 350-lb. bear with MY FREAKING TRUCK.  Mind you, the last thing I said to him before he left with MY TRUCK was "Don't go baja-ing with it, there's something wrong with the front end and I want it to last until school lets out."  So, not only does he HIT and KILL the 350-lb. bear, he RUNS OVER IT ... with MY TRUCK.  According to the first two or three versions of the story, the bear either:  A) was sleeping in the road and decided to commit suicide, B) was on the side of the road and LEAPED in front of the truck (from the opposite lane) before MSK could put his foot on the brakes, or C) was supposedly hit by someone else and dazed before MSK came by with my truck, at which time it shook off it's previous injuries and decided to leap in front of the speeding truck (he claims to have hit the damn thing at about 45 mph).

Now, I don't know about you, but it sure sounds like some sort of "fish" story to me, except it's about a FRIGGING BEAR.  If it had been a deer, I would have been perfectly ok with that.  He's already gotten THREE deer with various vehicles (and NONE while he was hunting!).  But, seriously, a BEAR??  Driving down M-77, on a nice straight stretch, even in the dark, with the headlights and fog lamps on, one would think that a 350-lb. BEAR would be visible from an adequate distance, wouldn't one?  Well, one would be guilty of trying to THINK, which, experience has shown time and again, doesn't work when it comes to my dear hubby.  Nah, he claims that he slowed down (from 65) to 45 mph but didn't have time to put his foot on the brakes.  I dunno ... I tend to think that, with the high potential for wildlife to be wandering in the roadway, I'D have my damn foot on the damn brakes!!

The best part about all of this is that bears are still highly regulated in the state of Michigan.  One does not just get to 'off' a bear and walk away from it.  Unless, of course, your name is MSK.  After ascertaining that the poor, stupid animal was, indeed deader than the proverbial doornail, he and his buddy got back in the truck and continued on their merry way to camp.  They stopped in the morning and took pictures with the poor deceased carcass, but still didn't bother to alert the authorities at the DNR that the bear had died by somewhat 'unnatural' means.  Fortunately, one of the people living nearby DID think to call the DNR and report it, and later that day, the pelt, head, paws and claws were all removed and the meat given to the oh-so-thoughtful informant.  Did my husband even think about trying to make a report and obtain the pelt??  HELLS no!  Not him ... wasn't HIS bear!!  So, all we really had to show for it was the truck - which I TOLD him, in no uncertain terms, to WASH THE BEAR SLIME OFF OF before he brought it back.  Did he do even that much?  Again, HELLS NO!  What follows are the pics they took the next day, and the pics I took when he arrived back here, complete with bear slime and blood (although you'd have to look closely to see the actual blood).

This is Jerome pointing at the mangled front of my Dodge Ram

This is Mark and Jerome with the 'decedent'

This is what the truck looked like when it came home

And here it is, after one week and $3,000 of work in the body shop

Gee, if I can just get the windshield replaced, I can finally remove all traces of certain nameless persons from my vehicle ... I no longer have a reminder of that ill-fated trip to find striped stockings for a Halloween party!!  Yippie Skippy!

So, if you read behind the cut after all, you can see how much fun MSK had in the Northwoods.  Next installment ... our positively "stellar" annual 4th of July trip to Grand Marais, Michigan!!  Yeah, I agree, there's nothing worse than looking at other people's vacation pictures, is there??

*Insert sarcastic smile here*

Click for Davisburg, Michigan Forecast

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