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Past time to update, again ... sigh

Well, I've let my resolution to update my LJ more frequently slide in a most unsatisfactory fashion. Let's see if I can do better in the coming months, although I am now (I believe) expected to post on both My[RETARDED]space and LJ.

I seem to be 'persona non grata' with my girl-child of late. Not sure why, after the nuclear meltdown she had a couple weeks ago, but I AM sure she will either tell me or get over it, eventually. I had a wonderful birthday last weekend, courtesy of the kids here and my DH. It dawned on all of us, as we were 'celebrating,' that all four of the kids here could pass as my own, if looks were any judge. All have dark hair and dark eyes, just like my two natural kids. In fact, Jason was mistaken as mine when we were out shopping for clothes for him and Jessica to start school. Jessica and Jason got along really well that day - for which I am ETERNALLY grateful. It isn't often you can find people who, having been in a relationship, can still share the same roof and talk to each other politely after said relationship goes sour. They managed nicely, though, both that day and on my birthday ... my hat is off to both of them, as I'm sure it took an effort on BOTH sides.

Brad and Steven seem to be falling right back into that brother/buddy relationship they had three years ago before Brad took a 'vacation' from us. It is WONDERFUL to see ... Steven needed some of that stabilizing influence that Brad provides and I think Brad just likes to know that he's wanted and needed. He and I were discussing that this morning before he went to bed - he "fits" here so well, but it is a different 'fit' on each level. Jess views him as a sort of 'big brother,' as does Steven. Steven views him as both the brother he always wanted and a friend. I believe that Jason views Brad as a friend as well, although he and I haven't discussed it much. I view Brad as I always have ... one of my own, whether he is or isn't. I believe MSK feels much the same. Of course, the ever-present gifts of Haacker-Pschorr don't hurt one little bit where MSK is concerned! Yes, it is TERRIFIC to have Bradley back here and it will be even better when he's back on a normal 'human' schedule (instead of 3rd shift as he is now).

School starts this week for Jessica and next week for Jason and Steven. Brad goes back on 2nd shift either next week or the week after. We still have to set up road tests for both Jason and Steven, but I'm going to give it the old 'college try' to get that done tomorrow. Jason's mom is working on re-covering my grandmother's rocking chair, as a "thank-you" for the help I'm giving Jason. Brad's mom keeps sending the most unique and interesting forwards, which Brad dutifully passes along to me. Things here are just sorta coasting along until the whole school thing gets off the ground. We're not looking forward to the end of summer, but we are looking forward to a period of renewed activity and working toward all our personal goals. Goals are nice things sometimes, aren't they? Especially when they are ultimately attainable goals.

P.S. Again, my thanks to Brad for my birthday presents ... Rammstein and PM5K ... that boy really knows how to spoil a mom, doesn't he??  ;D

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