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Just a few things ...

Just a few random things to catalog, so I don't forget when I look back and (hopefully) laugh at all of this later:

  • Fun bumper sticker:  Republicans for Voldemort

  • I'm depressed and getting worse ... good thing I went to see the shrink today and finally got my hands on some drugs.  Now, maybe I can get back to the beginning and get started - FOR ONCE.

  • People suck.

  • Stupid people suck worse than most

  • You can take people out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of SOME PEOPLE.  No matter how hard you try to show them another way, they will continue to gravitate toward that demographic.  All the while, they will be declaring to the skies that they "aren't like that at all."  Yeah, right.  And I'm a combination of the Tooth Fairy, Mother Teresa and the Easter Bunny all rolled into one.  Nah, don't think so, but thanks for NOT asking!

  • Semi-literate people (those that THINK they can read, but cannot write or spell worth a tinker's damn) are among the WORST of the sucky folks.  They are a constant irritant to those that think AND feel.

  • Clueless bitches that THINK they can teach are probably right up there with the trailer park folk.  Imagine, if you will, a high school teacher ranting to her SOCIOLOGY class about the injustice of paying to see Crosby, Stills and Nash, and having them (gasp, the horror!) spout about POLITICS!  I wanted to march into that school and rip the bitch's throat out, but I guess that's not exactly P.C. these days, huh?  This twit is as old as I am, at least, so she SHOULD remember the bad old days when CSN was protesting things like the Democratic National Convention in 1968, or the Kent State shootings during 'Nam.  Guess not, or she wouldn't have been so freaking outraged by the 'Bush bashing' done at the concert she attended.  If there is ANYTHING worse than a Republican, it's a STUPID Republican!!!

  • One must not forget, though, that the aforementioned bitch is the same one who declared, to her PSYCHOLOGY class last year, that she didn't "believe in ADD."  Like it's a fairy tale or something??  This woman is a classic example of someone rising to their level of INCOMPETENCE.  Her characterization of the type of person who committed the Columbine "massacre," however, put it over the top for me.  Practically down to the last detail, the stupid, narrow-minded, ill-tempered bitch described my son ... while he was sitting there, in a class full of his peers.  Murder never sounded so good at that point, let me tell you.

Well, I think that's about it for now.  Hopefully, things will continue to drag right along ... I've gotten to the point where I've stopped hoping for BETTER, since it never seems to happen!

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