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My philosophy, through another's eyes ...

I stumbled across this quote while idly flipping through one of the many magazines that reach us from the "outside world."  I was waiting for Jessica, somewhere, for some reason, and this just grabbed my attention, primarily because it so closely mirrors my own philosophy.  This is how I've lived my life for the past 6 or 7 years ... hopefully, those who know me best will recognize it.

"This is what life is about.  When one is in a position to give back, do it.  If you have the resources to give to what you believe in, either become involved in giving with your time and abilities or give in other ways.  In my mind, in order to be truly successful, it is to share one's knowledge and give back to others, especially to those in need."

- Suzanne Dansby-Phelps, International Grand Prix rider who donates her prize money to a therapeutic riding center, America's Horse, May 2007, pg. 64

Track 1, "Carry On" seems appropriate here!

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