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In case anyone was wondering ...

Steven passed his road test with FLYING COLORS.  My "baby" is now a legally licensed driver ... legally allowed to commit mayhem on the roadways ... well, kinda.  Not only that, but he got his first checking account yesterday.  He also got called for a physical for that job this morning, which he has to do at 9am tomorrow (good freaking luck w/that ... unless he stays up all night!).  Now, if I could only find a way to motivate the GIRL to get out there and DO something, my world might settle down even further!

Well, my 'horror-scope' Sunday called for some spontaneity.  Too bad it didn't say anything about my body deciding to spontaneously implode.  Ok, not really, but I'm feeling more and more like a rusted-out hulk and a lot less like a human lately.  Blarg!

Fortunately, things with the car improved dramatically between Saturday and Sunday.  The guys (i.e. Steven and Mark) managed to bump it out after discovering that we got REALLY lucky when I hit it ... owing to the height of the truck's back bumper, I managed to MISS all the structural supports.  The only thing badly mangled was the exterior skin and the window opening.  They took the door apart, bumped out most of the dent, pried open the window opening, refitted the weatherstripping and managed to get the window from the 'replacement' door to fit.  Now MSK has a window that goes up and down again.  We still need to replace the power mirror, but that is a MINOR expense when compared to the almost $1,000 the body shop wanted to fix the door!

Other than that, things here are calm; unbelievably tranquil, in fact.  I think letting go of my previous high-flown ideas about helping other people realize what they need to do to improve their lives has certainly helped that substantially.  I'm more on a 'live and let live' kick these days.  That, and trying to get my kids and hubby to back off from criticizing those who are HONESTLY trying to improve their circumstances.  The kids recognize that some of these people actually are trying, but it's hard to let go of pre-conceived notions overnight, you know?  I seriously doubt that MSK will change his attitude anytime soon, but that's his problem, NOT mine!

At any rate, the one 'alien person' that IS trying, is gaining ground ... the others will simply end up being people that "mom talks to."  Or, those people that only call, or contact, mom when they need something, like moral support, or something like that.  It's funny how that seems to work, too.  Like that one guy ... he only calls, or talks to me a lot, when he's about to do something that he's pretty sure I won't like.  Isn't that strange?  But it's happened more than once, so I'm beginning to suspect a pattern.

Another one is pissed off at me at the moment, but I don't foresee myself losing sleep over it.  Everyone has problems to deal with these days, and our family is no exception.  Over the length of time I've known this person, I've come to the understanding that, no matter what I do, it will never be enough.  So, I do what I can, when I can, and either deal with or ignore the criticism when I can't.  It's gotten that simple.  As I said, I have other problems that require my time and attention ... and I've come to accept that there are those who will not (whether willfully or not) see, nor will they accept, the need to change.

'Tis a pity, but the world is full of them, isn't it?  And, despite my desire to do so, despite my efforts, there are those that simply cannot be "saved," not even from themselves.  I feel badly for them, I will still talk to them when I can, but I cannot even FORCE myself to feel more than that anymore.  It saddens me at the same time as it liberates me ... what a contrast, eh?

Yuppers, "stuff," as my kids often say, is pretty good today.  I'll worry about tomorrow if/when I wake up.  Sounds like a good philosophy to me, what do you think?

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