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Incongruity ... my life!

I know, I have two LJs, and I DID say I was going to only rant on the other one, but I couldn't resist this.  Besides, it's not so much of a 'rant' as it is another chronicle of the on-going journey of strangeness my life seems to wander down.  Yesterday, it hit me like a load of bricks that, even though the sky is blue, the weather exquisite, and everyone's relatively healthy, things happen that just tend to blow me away.  One after another, after another, after another... you get the picture.  What else does one call it but incongruous?  Beautiful day, s-t-r-a-n-g-e happenings.  Rambling, long-winded (as always), but all true:

Most especially the incongruity that seems to be a large part of my existence.  Today, for example.  I woke up today to a beautiful, clear, even slightly chilly, morning.  Nice way to start the day, right?  Especially considering that the power went out AGAIN last night, and we didn't get it back until almost 2 am.  Then I was awakened by my husband fumbling with the intermittently beeping security system at 4 am.  Then I was awakened by his complaints about my alarm being 10 minutes fast at 6:30 am.  THEN I was awakened for good by his call at 7:30 am.  Yuppers, GREAT way to start the day!

For some bizarre reason or another, though, things went steadily DOWNHILL from there.  I'm still looking for that asshole that cursed me when I was born.  This so-called "interesting" life of mine is getting to be a total pain in the tush, y'know?  I had a bit of a tough time trying to get Steven going, but he finally made it out the door.  Not, however, before I had to tear the loveseat apart looking for his cell phone.  And finding my credit card so he could put enough gas in the "Danger Ranger" to get to work.  Finally, though, he was on his way and I breathed a sigh of relief.

I discovered why my innards were so incredibly painful for the past two days ... my infrequent 'period' from hell had dropped in.  Yippie Skippy!  Menopause can't come too soon for me, thank you!  Anyway, after getting myself situated with the requisite analgesics, etc., I engaged in an entertaining chat with a new friend.  About 30 minutes into it, the phone rang... Steven.  'Oh god,' I thought, 'what did he forget?  Did the credit card not work??'

Nope, nothing as mundane, of course!  No, my poor son was calling because the "Danger Ranger's" 'iffy' U-joint had finally broken - and the drive shaft was just dangling there under the truck - after having taken out the cobbled-together exhaust system in the process.  He was driving said truck because he picked up a hex screw in one of the bald tires on his beloved T/A and didn't want to kill the emergency spare by driving it to and from work.  Besides, let's face it, performance cars do NOT handle real well on emergency spares.  Just doesn't work out well, if you ask me.

Anyway, once I ascertained that he was (mostly) out of traffic and, since he already had the credit card, he could wait for the wrecker solo.  I called the wrecker, then called him back.  I then proceeded to get back to my convo, secure (I thought) in the knowledge that everything was being handled appropriately.  Well, it seems that, shortly after I called the wrecker, a police cruiser pulled up behind where the truck broke down and the officer proceeded to run Steven's ID while sitting behind the truck with his lights on.  I guess Steven neglected to tell me that he was actually in the right turn lane off a main road and the cop was concerned that it would present a road hazard.

This information came out when Steven called about 15 minutes after the first call because he was 'bored.'  Steven relayed the conversation with the officer, but neglected to tell me about the 'road hazard' part of things.  He started getting a little 'antsy' about when the wrecker was going to show up and I told him to keep his shirt on, it wouldn't be too much longer.  We got off the phone, and I continued the convo.  Another 20 minutes went by, then Melanie called, needing to vent about how everything in her life turns to shit... like just getting a new weedwacker, then having the lawnmower break immediately thereafter.  Hmmm, sounds familiar to me!!

I ended my convo, since I know how Melanie needs to vent, and gave her my undivided attention.  Unfortunately, after only 10 minutes, Steven called again, this time telling me that both he AND the officer were getting 'antsy' about when the wrecker was going to show up.  I got off with Mel and called the wrecker service, only to discover that it would be another 30 minutes.  I called Steven back and, when he hit the roof over the delay, I could hear the officer in the background asking if HE should call a wrecker because he could "have one there in 15 minutes."

Well, far be it from me to argue with cops, even over the phone, especially not where my 18 yr old kid is involved.  So I got off the phone, called the wrecker service, and just managed to get them to cancel the call when the call waiting buzzed in.  It was Bradley.  By now, it was after 11 am and getting kinda late for the third-shift kid to be wandering around.  I didn't manage to get off the phone in time, but called him back immediately.  Turns out, today wasn't a good one for him, either, poor boy!!!

It seems that his shoulder, which he'd strained at work Monday night, was still not better.  If anything, it was doing worse, so they sent him back to the clinic which, in turn, sent him all the way back into Pontiac to St. Joseph Mercy hospital to get a doppler image of his shoulder.  Just to make sure he didn't have a blood clot or something.  This did not promise to be a quick trip, so I was fairly certain that he'd have a horrible time getting enough sleep if they were going to make him go to work tonight.  I thanked him for letting me know and called Mel back again.

Mel and I chatted until the wrecker, with Steven and the truck, pulled into the driveway.  I fully intended to call Mel back after that but, as they always do, things just got MORE interesting.  Turns out the driver was a 'car guy' too, so he and Steven had a great time talking on the way here.  He even cut us a break on the mileage for the tow, which was UBER cool of him.  Nice dude, real polite, just a good guy, y'know?  Anyway, he left, Steven got some food in him, then proceeded to check out the damage.  All I can say now is that I STILL hate Fords.  I will probably hate Ford products until my dying day.  Why, oh WHY, does everything on a Ford have to be so damn complicated???  Right around this time, Brad called again, on his way home finally.  They didn't find anything in his shoulder, so he was going to get something to eat and try to hustle back here and get as much sleep as he could.  He did NOT sound good.

I then went digging through some online manuals.  I discovered that, in order to pull the U-joints on a 4 WD Ford Ranger, one must have a rather expensive little tool in order to press out the old bearings and press the new ones in.  AND one really should do it with the driveshaft OFF the truck.  Which, of course, meant removing the still-workable U-joint in the front; the one that was replaced a couple years ago and that the shop doing the work wasn't sure if it was going to stay good or not.  I really, REALLY didn't want to see Steven get blamed for screwing things up if THAT one went bad.  Plus we can't afford over $100 for a stupid tool that's ONLY used for U-joints.  Screw that!!!  While I was doing the digging, Brad came home and slumped off to bed.

Then, more internet digging.  I finally found a shop, using the AutoZone website, that was relatively local, had access to a towing service, and worked on U-joints.  I called MSK to get the ok to ship the thing off to be repaired.  Then I called the place, then I talked to their wrecker driver, then made sure the dude had the keys and all when he left here...  THEN sat down and wished I could curl up in a ball and die.  I had a case of cramps that I WANTED to die from.  Yes, it sounds wimpy as hell, but I HATE cramps.  That, and it's not really JUST cramps... it involves my lower back, my guts, damn near everything in my abdomen.  Yeah, this sucks, period.

BUT, we still had no food in the house, owing to Steven borrowing the last of the grocery money on Sunday night and not paying me back yet.  So, I dutifully trudged off to the shower, hustled to get ready to go to the store, only to find that Steven had passed out (sleeping) on the same loveseat that I had cleaned up this very morning.  Great.  I managed to rouse him enough to steal his ATM card, then found a CD to listen to (for once, I would get to listen to MUSIC!), and got ready to go... until I remembered that I'd have to also return a bunch of bottles to be able to get what we needed.  Damn it.  So, I had to take Jessa with me.  No music after all! *pouts*  Just before I got out the door, though, poor Brad got a phone call from the clinic, informing him that he had to show up there AFTER his shift at work tonight.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him!

Oh well, we managed to get all of the groceries with $8 to spare, get home, make food, and now I'm on my way to BED.  With the heating pad.  For the rest of the night, hopefully.  Without interruption, also hopefully.  Is it any wonder that I want to find whoever cursed me with this "interesting" life... and yank his testicles out through his nose with a crochet hook???  Sounds like a plan to me!
P.S. Track 6 - Old Man... change the gender and that's what I feel like after this week!!

See what I mean?  Add that to Tuesday's little rant on the other journal, and you have the complete, rampant absurdity that I live on a daily basis.  And my husband says I just need to get organized??  My question:  How the HELL does one organize when this sort of stuff occurs here on an erratically regular basis?  Hence, my total lack of effort in that department.  I've found that it does one little good to put so much effort into organizing anything only to have it blown out of the water by seemingly random occurrences - regularly.  So what does one do?  PUNT, what else????

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