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Well, I made it through another one.  Yay, me, huh??  Ok, so this one isn't THAT momentous, but still, it WAS a very nice one!!

First, my sister came to visit yesterday... haven't seen her since... I dunno... a LONG time ago.  Her friend, Chris, was kind enough to drive her here after they did their usual shopping thing at the outlet mall.  I enjoyed the time we spent and we had QUITE a few laughs, especially at my kids!!

Last night, the family decided to FORCE me into going out to eat.  It really didn't take THAT much convincing, since I've been DREAMING about food lately.  Seriously, isn't that strange?  Who the hell DREAMS about FOOD???  Still, it's been happening and, since I doubt there was any other way of doing it, I made sure I got some crab legs along with my usual slab o'beef at Outback.  I really, REALLY wanted some crab legs - especially after getting hooked on watching Deadliest Catch on Discovery this Spring.  Yeah, I know.  D-O-R-K, right?  Yuppers, that's me!

Today, I woke up with an oversized migraine - and I do mean OVER sized.  It took two migraine meds PLUS two Excedrin to get rid of the damn thing enough for me to even put my glasses on.  Then the guts decided to get into the act and I seriously wondered if I'd make it out the door.  The plan?  At the urging (again) of my family, I planned to go to a horse show with Mel today.

Then MSK decided that he really wanted to go fishing.  I almost backed out of going because he had to take the truck.  I really didn't want to drive the baby truck all the way to get Mel, then to the horse show, then back home.  Transportation of any sort is good when one HAS to go somewhere, but if I didn't HAVE to drive it, I wasn't about to.  For one thing, I can't put the seat back far enough, and I feel like I'm all hunched over the steering wheel.  For another, the steering is looser than a goose, something everyone except MSK complains about.

I was 'saved' from canceling my jaunt by Steven, who left the keys to his Kar (his gorgeous, loud, fast, little red car) by my place at the table.  He INSISTED that I get in it and GO.  So, I did.  I got the biggest shock I've had in a while on the way to get Mel, though.  While driving through Mt. Morris, I had just gotten past the Catholic Church on Saginaw when a car passed me across the double yellow line, pulled in front of the guy next to me on the right, and then slammed on his brakes.  I saw a police car coming toward us, so I slowed down and was going to move over, but couldn't because of the car next to me.  Suddenly, I saw three or four more police cars converging on the side street where the other car had slammed on his brakes.  Then I saw four MORE cops coming from behind me, all with lights flashing.  THEN, there were three MORE unmarked cars that just kinda zoomed up.

They were all crowded around a pick-up truck sitting at the stop sign on the side street.  The guy in the first car that passed me was evidently an undercover cop, as he jumped out of his car, gun drawn, and started running toward the pick-up.  Then, before I could process the whole thing properly, at least a dozen marked and unmarked cars and trucks were surrounding this pick-up, about a gazillion cops all running around waving guns, and I'm sitting there thinking "How the hell am I gonna get outta here?"  They completely blocked both lanes on my side of Saginaw.  I couldn't even see around them to GET around them on the other side of the road, plus traffic was still coming through there.  Just as I'm scanning for another way out (and discarding the driveway right across from me cuz it would've done SERIOUS damage to the underside of the T/A), almost ALL the cops jumped back into their vehicles and starting tearing off at the speed of light somewhere else!  I mean it, they were there one minute - and the next, BOOM, they were GONE!!!

That was just plain FREAKY.  I mean, c'mon, it's Sunday morning, for pity's sake!!  Two streets down from the damn Catholic Church!  Just.  Plain.  STRANGE.  It didn't look like they even left one guy with the pick-up truck.  It looked more like they rousted the poor dude in the pick-up, didn't find what they were looking for, and disappeared back into the woodwork (or wherever the hell they came from!).  I'm still shaking my head over that.

Eh, well.  Mel and I had a terrific time at the horse show; saw our ex-trainer, Amy, while we were there; caught up on some of our favorite horses from our days at the barn together; and generally enjoyed the whole atmosphere.  So, the bulk of the day went really nicely.  On the way to take Mel home, Steven called, telling me they were gonna head out to Burger King for fast food, since I'd left them some dollars to feed themselves.  I asked him to get me a fish sandwich and Mel kept yelling that Steven better not touch my leftover steak from Outback.  I tried to tell Mel that he wouldn't do that, but she wanted to make SURE.

After I dropped Mel off (scoring some of her delicious Raspberry and Strawberry jelly, plus a 17" monitor she wanted to get rid of), I set the T/A in 'cruise mode' and enjoyed the drive back.  When I got to about Grange Hall and the freeway, Brad called, asking where I was.  He wanted to know if he should put my sandwiches in the refrigerator or if I'd be home soon.  I thought that was a LITTLE strange, since they usually just leave anyone else's stuff out if they're gonna be home in under an hour.  But I told him where I was and how long it would take me to get back and didn't think anymore of it.

When I got home and got the car parked, I cleaned all my stuff out of it, put Steven's stuff back where it was when I borrowed it, and went in the house.  The first thing I noticed was that it certainly didn't SMELL like Burger King.  Then a flash went off... Brad was taking pictures.  I looked at him like "What the hell?"  Then I noticed the table.  The table was set, there were pots of stuff on the table and everyone was ushering me to the table for DINNER.  The kids shopped, cooked, served AND cleaned up!  What a SHOCK.  But what a WONDERFUL SURPRISE!!!!!  I mean, what mother wouldn't think she'd died and gone to heaven to come home to something like that?  And no one gave them the idea... and they were all still alive and in one piece... AND they made a CAKE too!!  Chocolate fudge, with chocolate fudge frosting (oooohhh YEAH).

So, you see, I had the best birthday a mother could dream of... actually, even better than dreams, I think.  Never, in my WILDEST dreams, would I have thought they'd do something like this.  It was, in a word, PERFECT.  Yes siree, the best birthday a mom could have!  THANKS AGAIN KIDDOS!!!!!

P.S. The music was what was in Steven's car... I didn't want to mess with his stuff too much, so I left it in!!  GOOD STUFF!

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