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Now for the rest of the SURREAL weekend...

This entry is SOLELY for LiveJournal.  Let's face it, there are some things I just don't want to rant about on My[drama-ridden]space, y'know?  Especially not when I know that some of them will come back to haunt me sooner or later!  In case you don't know the drill, what is hidden behind the cut is LONG, potentially boring, and in my usual EXCRUCIATING detail.  Read at your own risk, 'k?

As I already noted here, we had some rather dicey weather come roaring through last week, on Friday evening.  After Steven got home safely from work, we started to worry about his best friend, Justin, since the kid lives almost exactly where the media said one of the suspected tornadoes touched down.  We (Steven and I) gave it a couple hours, tried repeatedly to contact the kid, then decided to hop in the truck.  I figured that, if there weren't police roadblocks, we could either drive around whatever trees were downed, or walk through whatever we had to in order to check on the kid's wellbeing.

Yeah, I know, what about his parents?  Well, as is the case with so many of my children's friends, this one has parents that haven't, in the recent past, been all that concerned with his welfare, to put it bluntly.  Add to that the fact that he is often at home with several younger siblings while the parent/step-parent people are 'out and about,' and one has cause for concern, at least in my book.  Besides the fact that Justin is one of the best friends that Steven has, I genuinely like the kid.  He and I did not get off to a very good start when Steven first met him, but Justin has, over the years, grown out of some of his less appealing behavior.  And, he's been very loyal to Steven, sometimes in the face of a certain amount of condemnation from their peers.

Anyway, as we got closer to Justin's place, we could clearly see where the storm had gone through.  It was a pretty clear path, with trees uprooted, twisted and snapped off, indicating some tornadic activity.  When we got to the road, it was blocked by downed trees, as well as yellow police tape, warning people away.  As we were getting ready to walk down to Justin's, past the police tape, a man came walking out, shaking his head.  He said that one of the houses near the end of the road had about six trees on it, but that he'd heard that cars could get through at the other end of the road.  So, we backtracked to the other end and got to Justin's that way.  They had no power, but were otherwise unscathed, fortunately.

Steven invited Justin to spend the night with us, since we still had power and they hadn't spent time together in a while.  Justin gathered up some stuff and hopped in the truck.  We took a drive into Holly, trying to find a gas station or party store that had power so we could get Justin some smokes.  Unfortunately, what we found was that the storm had traveled right along Grange Hall road, pretty much in a straight line, from Holly all the way out to where Justin lived.  The NWS storm survey team said that the tornadic winds dissipated right past there.  When we got into Holly, we went a little further west, on our way out of town, looking for a southern route back to our house, but all of the north/south roads were blocked off to the south of where we were.  We had to turn around and go all the way back to the freeway to get back to our house... quite the trail of destruction, I can tell you!

While we were on our way into Holly, I called NWH, just to see if he made it through ok, since his parents live really close to the area where the storm was said to have gone through Holly.  He called me back and said he was fine, his folks had lost a dead tree in their yard, but that was about it.  We both decided that it was a really good thing that we DIDN'T tow his car home that afternoon like we had planned to earlier in the day.  We would have been going through Holly, in that general vicinity, right around the same time as the tornado - something tells me that would have been a VERY BAD thing, for both of us!  I've seen enough of tornadoes to last ME a lifetime, thanks very much, and I'm sure Nicholas, being from the south anyway, has seen his fair share.  We made arrangements for him to call me the next day when he wanted to tow the car (assuming we could find a way into Holly and over to his parent's house).  We finally stopped at a party store in Davisburg so Justin could get his smokes (and feel like an adult, using his driver's license to buy cigarettes for the first time), then went home.

When MSK went to bed, things began to go downhill for poor Justin.  Steven, being a KID, 18, male and silly, seems to feel the need to get sloshed every once in a while.  Justin, being the same, feels the need to keep Steven company while he does so.  Bradley, being older, but still male and silly, sometimes feels the need to supply the goods to feed their urges.  I don't object too much since they're right here and not going anywhere.  All I ask is that they don't get loud and rowdy, and that they clean up after themselves.  After this weekend, though, I think I have to add a new request... make sure their guests have EATEN something before imbibing, AND never, NEVER, NEVER allow Justin to drink at our house again.  Justin does not have a tolerance for alcohol to begin with, it would seem.  Justin did not eat anything Friday evening, until AFTER he had imbibed some rum, port wine, and topped it off with a Seagrams's Grape cooler something-or-other.  Ewwwww.

I was on the computer when, around 2 am, I heard some argument in the living room, where all the young'uns were watching "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas."  Jessica was hissing to Steven to "hurry up," and "he's going to lose it."  Steven kept saying "he's fine, he'll be ok, he just needs a drink of water."  This conversation was followed by the unmistakable sound of retching.  VIOLENT retching.  Complete with gargling noises.  LOUD, retching, gargling noises.  And MSK was already in bed... but probably NOT sleeping through that little scene, that's for sure.  I got up, went into the kitchen and looked into the living room.  Steven was seated back on the sofa and Justin had moved to the recliner, looking like he was going to hurl again.  Jessica kept telling Steven to get busy cleaning "it" up and Steven looked at me and said "Mom, come here and help Justin."  I backed away and told him "I'm sorry, kid, but he's YOUR friend, YOU supplied him with the booze, YOU get to clean up after him, NOT me!"  In the meantime, Justin is doing a perfect Chewbacca imitation, right there in my living room, all over my beige carpet, with my husband supposedly trying to sleep in the room just down the hall.

Mind you, now, this kid who was so violently ill is shorter than Steven and only weighs about 87 lbs. soaking wet, if that.  How on earth so much noise can come out of such a slightly built being is totally beyond me.  I finally got Steven up off the sofa and into action.  I knew it was useless to try to get Jessica to do more than carp at him, so I asked Bradley to assist with the 'damage control.'  Yes, I know it sounds mean.  Yes, I'm sure I probably should have felt a little more compassion for the poor kid.  I'm sorry, though, I've done stupid things like that... but I've NEVER made that much noise doing it, even at my worst.  Even my husband who, back in the day, used to get plastered out of his mind and 'worship at the porcelain altar' never made THAT much noise.  This kid, however, was VOCALIZING his way through the whole ordeal.  By now, it was well past 3 am... one would think that he had expelled everything he had in his system by then, right??

He probably had, but he certainly wasn't letting that stop him.  No, he still felt bad, so he was determined to continue to FORCE whatever he could out, still making more noise than anyone could imagine.  And, every time a new noise emanated from him, the overwhelming urge to giggle at the sheer insanity of the situation became more and more difficult to resist.  I finally had to retreat to the garage and laugh myself silly, just to be able to keep quiet when I got back in the house.  Finally, we got the poor boy stabilized, to a certain extent.  Steven and Brad managed to sop up what they could out of the carpeting.  Steven disposed of the box Justin used the first time, then had to dump a 'bucket' as well.  They got things pretty well cleaned up and deodorized, got Justin on the sofa, placed a 'bucket' (a Tupperware bowl) within reach, and we all settled in for the night.  Justin passed out, snoring.  Steven passed out on the loveseat, having been informed that it was HIS job to keep an eye on his friend.  Brad retreated to his room, I sent Jessica off to bed, and I crawled away to mine, finally.  At 4:00 am.  Still needing to get up relatively early and get some cleaning done before my sister arrived for a visit.

Unfortunately, Justin must have come back to consciousness sometime after 8:00 am... still feeling icky.  He commenced to heave himself silly again.  Steven had woken and emptied the dishwasher, then snuck down to the basement to get some more sleep.  MSK deserted the bedroom and fled down to his computer in the basement.  I tried, desperately, to ignore the noise as long as I could, hoping to get back to sleep and get rid of the throbbing migraine I could feel forming.  No such luck.  Then, my innards decided that it was a good time to chime in, so I was stuck getting up.  Nicholas called shortly thereafter and, while I was on the phone, I woke Steven, telling him to find out why Justin was now laying on the living room floor without his shirt on.  We had, I figured, a little more than four hours before my sister showed up.  That didn't give us much time to get Justin ambulatory so we could deliver what was left of him back to his family, tow NWH's car, AND do some cleaning.  Steven was in panic mode, especially since he PROMISED me that he'd do his part to help with the cleaning if I didn't 'rat him out' to dad.  I didn't figure I had to tell MSK anything, since I was pretty sure he didn't really SLEEP through all that anyway, but I wasn't about to share that with Steven.

Somehow, while I was on the phone with NWH, Steven actually got Justin up, dressed, and out the door to the truck.  I told Nicholas that we would pick him up after we dropped Justin off, probably in about 45 minutes.  We got Justin home, judiciously handing him several plastic bags BEFORE putting him in the back seat of my truck.  Good thing, too, since he needed to make use of them before we got all the way to his house.  I still cannot, for the life of me, figure out how one small person can sound so VERY much like a WOOKIE.  I mean, my GAWD.  That was just horrible.  Perfectly and completely horrible.  Seriously, it would have been bad enough if it had been one of my own kids doing it, but one of their friends??  Sheesh.  To make matters even worse, after we picked up Nicholas, HE decided to launch into a stand-up routine about what happened to an acquaintance of his at a party just a few days prior - complete with vivid descriptives of things that I'd rather not know.  There are times, y'know, when I TOTALLY HATE children!!!  The worst part about that, though, wasn't the descriptions - it was the fact that he made it sound so damn funny that my sides hurt from laughing so hard!  It is NOT a good thing to drive a pick-up truck through S-curves and try wiping the tears from laughing out of one's eyes, let me tell you!!

Anyway, we came back home to get the chains and Steven suddenly decided that he was going to "help" me tow NWH's car.  I told him that he would be better off staying and helping clean before his Aunt made an appearance, but he promised he'd take care of it... REALLY!  Well, we got the car, towed it into Holly, dropped the boy and car off, and started for home.  All the while hoping against hope that it wasn't too late to do SOME cleaning before my sister got there.  Strangely enough, though, when we pulled in the driveway, Bradley was walking UP it.  While talking on his cell phone.  When we got to him, he said "You'll need to park somewhere else; your sister has your parking space."  Steven and I looked at each other and said the same word, at the same time, "Fuck."  Yeah, not a stellar example, am I?  Eh, whatever.

Fortunately for us, MSK had stepped into the breach and managed to clean up the kitchen and part of the living room, so I didn't feel too godawful about the state of the house.  Steven has yet to make good on his promise to take care of his magazines and other detritus that he has strewn about in the living room.  That will probably take another six months, if I'm LUCKY.  Justin posted a bulletin on Myspace telling the world that he had power again, so I know he survived his ordeal.  Now, if I could just get a good night's sleep without waking up with a freaking, pounding, incredibly painful migraine headache, I'd be a happy woman.  Or, at least as happy as I'm gonna get these days!

So, yeah.  That was the rest of my stellar weekend.  Now you know why I try so hard to warn you not to read this drivel, don't you??  Especially if you got silly and read the cut.  Don't you wish you hadn't???  Well, frankly, I wish I hadn't even EXPERIENCED any of it, but I didn't get my wish either.

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