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Late nite update ....

Ok, in comparison to the past couple of nights, this isn't THAT late, but I should still be in bed ... 6:30 am is still awfully early to be UP AND MOVING for the whole freaking day. Still no word on whether or not my offer to meet will be accepted, but that was to be expected. At least I know that damn package isn't gonna end up back here with postage due, thank you!!! Really, I am seriously thanking "you" for getting the darn thing.

Froze my ass off this afternoon, but Steven and I got the 'goat' into the garage. Had to take the battery out of my truck, which was not a piece of cake, considering the suckers are heavy to begin with. Add to that the fact that I've never actually swapped out batteries before, and it makes for an interesting picture ... especially as I'm trying to pry this HUGE-ASSED battery out of my engine compartment and the sucker has no handles on it. Then, trying to put it in the 'goat' was fun .... a heavy-duty truck battery doesn't exactly drop right into any ole engine compartment, ya know? It was just a bit TOO long and TOO big, so I had to rig it in there w/bungees. The only thing I FORGOT to look at was the proximity of the front tire (which has no underbody wheel-well covering it) to the damn battery.

The good thing was that the car fired right up despite sitting out in the cold of the driveway for a few days. Gawd, I'd almost forgotten how great it feels to start one of those beasts, and just have it sit there and rumble. I admit it, I'm a car nut ... can't help it. Probably should've been born male ... I would've been a TOTAL gearhead! It warmed up surprizingly fast, considering how long it sat out there, but I was worried about how much gas was left in the fuel cell (no gas gauge), so I didn't want to mess w/it for too long. Despite what Lane said about the clutch, it wasn't as "springy" as I thought it would be - actually let out and engaged really smooth. It's just that it takes a certain amount of force to hold it in and not "pop" it.

Anyway, so, no shifting problems. In fact, I'd almost forgotten how much fun it was to DRIVE one of those monsters, especially when you're just 'jaw-jacking' them around in the driveway. The only problem, as mentioned earlier, was the battery .... as soon as I cut the wheel to turn the beastie around, we heard this horrible rasping, scraping noise. I thought I just didn't have it in first gear all the way and had popped it out of gear .... turns out I was quite wrong. It was the front tire butting up against the battery. I'm just damn lucky I didn't give in to the urge to run that poor car up and down the driveway like I was itching to do ... if I had, I'd have lost the battery to the only vehicle I can drive on the roads at the moment, as well as messed up something that I'm not completely capable of fixing by myself. I have no idea where I got the impulse control from, but I am damned glad I had it. I just backed her into the garage, sat there savoring the fumes and noise for a bit, then shut her down ... and almost died when we popped the hood and saw that the battery was almost falling out of the bungees onto the floor of the garage! Hooolllleeeee SHIT ...... that's all I said.

It took some doing, but I managed to get the stupid thing back into the truck, only getting "bitten" once or twice (some vehicle or another ALWAYS "bites" me when I try working on them - my hand is still bearing scars from putting in B's headlight). The truck wasn't too happy for a second, but then it fired up and things were ok. The exhaust fumes from the 'goat' must've affected my brain, tho, cuz I'm still relishing the feeling of power just sitting there listening to it and revving it once in a while. Thank god it's winter, or I'd be tempted to go out and buy a brand-new battery, just to take it out on the road and wind it out .... which would be more dangerous to the local population than ANYONE can imagine! It's funny how driving something like that, a car that requires that amount of coordination and concentration, can so TOTALLY take ones mind off ANY problems one might have. I had completely forgotten how therapeutic it was to JUST DRIVE for the sheer fun of DRIVING. Not that I got to do that today, but I now remember just how great it is ... how refreshed and relaxed one feels after putting a beast like that through it's paces ... about the same feeling I used to get after a really fast run on a good barrel horse. Ok, so I'm totally ADD ... thrill-addicted ... etc. .... but at least I can recognize it, admit it, and deal with it in a 'relatively' safe fashion. At least I'm not jumping off of rooftops, or anything like that!

Since I fell asleep shortly before dinner, and haven't eaten yet, I think I'll have a bite, a smoke, and then head back to bed ... perchance to sleep some more. Again, thank you for finally getting the package. I MEAN IT, I am really, truly thanking you, ok?

[G'night all]
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