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Sometime beta-person iz laying low...

Having finished the edit on what can only be described as the longest one-shot I've ever seen, the beta-person sometimes known as 'WiccanMethuselah' is officially off-duty for the night. Sixty-five pages in 12pt font... over 19,000 words... 44 pages printed off Single Spark... quite the opus, eh? All courtesy of our very own yabou_chan!!!!! Let's give the lady a hand, eh?

I am now enjoying a bowl of delicious Homemade Brand Peaches 'N Peach ice cream and surfing my fave sites for reading material. While I have gone AWOL, though, I strongly urge everyone to watch for "Like Peanut Butter," upcoming entry in Forthrightly's September Challenge... the inspiration for the opus! and posted to a fan fic site you might have bookmarked!!!

Single Spark, with lemony goodness

Media Miner, also with lemon

Fan Fiction . Net.. the "clean" version

Oh yeah, and MANY sorries to all my favorite authors whose stories have updated in the past week or so... I am remiss in reviewing. I will TRY to get to that soon, but know that, if I've reviewed your story more than once or twice, I must LOVE it... and am probably LOVING the updates as well. Again, SORRIES!!
P.S. And for those on my Friends that didn't know this about me, yes, I said FAN FIC SITE. As in, FAN FICTION. As in, stories written by fans of various anime, manga, etc., who have their own ideas about where the characters might go, or what they might do. My long-time obsession: Inuyasha. Yes, I know, some of you THOUGHT I was a relatively intelligent person. Too bad. We all have our vices, right? This is mine.

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