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I'm either the world's biggest dork, or I'm a glutton for punishment, usually self-inflicted.  I just figured out that I now belong to too many things.  I think.  Well, maybe not, compared to SOME people.  Then again, I'm the sort of person who feels incredibly guilty when I am over two months late in responding to an online *poke* from any of my friends.  But NOT responsible enough to NOT let it happen in the first place... does that make ANY sense??  No, but that's me.

I have two LJs, one MyBASE, one Face[PLANT]book, belong to four Yahoo! groups, am a member of four Fan Fiction sites, have two bio-kids, one resident alien-kid, two cats, one dog, two horses and one husband.  I'm hardly ever sure if I'm coming or going, but I rarely leave the house.  I can't be counted on to remember what someone told me this morning, but I sure as hell remember verbatim what got said in an argument two years ago!  Is that part of the "feminine mystique?"  Or, is that just being plain fucked up??

Eh, I'm opting for the latter.  The former never appealed to me anyway.  Fortunately, there are still people around that can deal with my form of fucked up so I guess I can too.  If it gets too much worse, though, I really think I could make a case for the resumption of warehousing the mentally imbalanced.  "Warehoused."  This is going to sound REALLY fucked up, but that term just sounds so wonderful right now.  I can almost picture the padded room; high ceilings, no low-hanging fixtures, no windows, pouffy mattress on the floor with only a comforter too bulky to consider trying to hang oneself with... and SILENCE.  Maybe even BOREDOM.  Yuppers, sounds like a vacation to me!
P.S. Yes, I really HAVE lost it, haven't I?  But it still doesn't hurt anyone but me yet, so that's ok, right? *smirk*

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