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Whew! A 'WiccanMethuselah' post...

Yes, this is solely devoted to my recent endeavors in the Fan Fiction realm.  Totally useless and frivolous endeavors, if one asks my husband.  Time-consuming and stultifying if one asks my children.  FASCINATING and fulfilling, if you ask me!!!  Seriously, it's a good feeling to polish a story by some of the most creative writers the internet has to offer.  One never knows... one day, my beloved authors may go on to become widely published stars!  And I will be able to say, fondly, "I knew her way back when!"

Ok, despite having another one of THOSE days - the type where you don't seem to be able to do ANYTHING you had intended to do - I DID manage to finish up to Chapter 20 in Demonlordlover's (demonlordlover2) latest opus, 'Hallowed Desire.'  Only NINE chapters left... unless, of course, she updates tomorrow!!  LOL, I can sooo see that happening!

Even so, it's a good feeling to know that I've finally caught up with that, especially after as long as it has taken.  Mucho 'mea culpae' to my esteemed authoress for my ungodly delay!!

Next up... the next installment in Yabou_chan's (yabou_chan) EPIC, 'Embracing Ice.'  Since she is co-writing this and a few upcoming chapters with Rinseternalsoul (rinseternalsoul), there's quite a bit of back-and-forth to be done.  Not only that, but the dear girl got herself ENGAGED this past weekend... CONGRATULATIONS again!!!!

Yuppers, I'm still heavily indulging in my favorite trivial, inconsequential pursuits.  At least, that's what some would deem them.  To my way of thinking, this is light-hearted entertainment that also satisfies my need to feel useful - kills two 'birds' with one 'stone,' as it were.  So, I'm not saving the world.  Oh well, I didn't do so well at that anyway, thus this is probably one of the safer alternatives I can find... definitely CHEAPER!!!

The only problem is that I am still awake, in front of the computer, and my kids know it.  I just fielded a phone call from the girl-child requesting a quick 'Google' of a word that they were debating with their friends at coffee.  I guess I should be glad that they still believe I'm capable of providing the answers, huh?  Eh, onward and upward!!

"The end of argument or discussion should be, not victory, but enlightenment."
- Joseph Joubert 1838 - 1754

P.S. After I get caught up, even though it will be old news by that time, I've got some words to say about that appearance by the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at Columbia University.  What a fiasco!!
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