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Here we are ... again ...

Ye gods! This has GOT to stop .... fall asleep at 9pm, wake at 2am, can't sleep until after 4am ... up again at 6:30am. Duh. And, while Nik is certainly funny and occasionally entertaining, it's mostly his geek-a-zoid stuff that's the funniest right now. He's got the downstairs set up now so that he can surf the 'net at the "Dude-you-gotta-Dell-Downstairs," while he plays with the PS2 Missa got him for Christmas at the same time ... with the games he brings home from his new job at Blockbuster. All we need to do is get a bigger, stereo TV downstairs, and he's all set.

Actually, I think the ideal set up for him would be to have it all in the bedroom, where he can just crash with his hand still on the controller ... we'd never get him out of here, I don't think!! He seems to be fairly happy, tho. Working almost every night, 6 to 7 hours a night ... always late afternoon to midnight ... up for benefits soon, employee discount ... says it's the first job he's ever had that he ENJOYS! Double DUH ... what's not to love? That's ok, though. He's gonna help me finish my Christmas shopping with his discount .... knew there had to be some perks to having the kid around!

Gee, I wonder .... if Will comes to stay w/us for a while and works at the Outback in Novi ... wonder if HE gets employee discounts too???? Oooh, something to think about .... Outback on a budget? Sounds like a plan to me!! Not that I'd make a big deal out of it, but it is something to keep in the back of one's mind for special occasions, like birthdays and such. Speaking of special occasions, since we are going to be DRASTICALLY fewer for New Year's Eve this year, I'm thinking of going whole hog ... last year, we had Prime Rib, but B had to work ... this year ..., well ..., B won't be here, Nik will be w/Missa, Will will probably be elsewhere, Maureen might not even be in town ... so maybe we'll just get really silly. China, crystal, silver ... prime rib, shrimp, hors d'oevres of other sorts, some Asti or Cold Duck, cheesecake .... and sit around in our nightclothes all day, except when we go see the fireworks at Alpine Valley.

At least it will be a slight change from the usual ... just as last year was a BIG change. Time to get back to the real world of the 'oddball,' the 'outcast,' the 'anti-social.' I guess that's where we feel the most comfortable ... in our own world, where no one bothers to criticize because we all know we're fucked up. I gained a renewed appreciation for Jessa's sense of humor this evening ... she's so determined (if I can get my hands on that dress) to go to her prom this year that she's thinking of offering some "lucky guy" $50.00 to take her. I could cry at the seeming 'pathos' of it, but she's actually looking forward to conning someone into doing it, and laughing (on the outside) at the prospect.

My poor kid ... what a fucked up life. But it is hers to fuck up as SHE sees fit now ... I'm just glad that we're finally talking again. There are days, like today, however, that I would be just as glad if she'd go back to talking to the damn video games ... she almost drove me insane this evening. First it was rants about the ticker on CNN, then she ranted some about the Democratic candidates for President, then she had to rant a little about this kid who seems to like her and keeps calling here. I guess the poor soul is slightly on the gamer/geeky side and assumes that "all-knowing" attitude about esoteria. I think they went back and forth tonight about A.I., man's supposed descent from apes, and what sort of plague is going to infest the world in order to do away with our rampant over-population.

Stimulating conversation, IF one can find someone conversant enough with each subject with whom to converse, huh? I guess 'brainiac' shot the poor guy down on a couple points, but that's what happens when she doesn't take her meds at home ... by 9 or 10 pm, she's on a tear. I shudder to think what's going to happen when she hasn't got meds for school .... she probably will make good on her threat to cause anarchy in the lunchroom over the school lunch policy. She's all pissed off because they won't charge her the 'whole lunch' price for JUST the things that she wants to eat ... she HAS to add things she WON'T eat, or they will charge her an 'a la carte' price (usually $1 to $2 more). She tried to get away with telling the lunch lady that, since the "chicken wrap" that had the chicken fingers in it had lettuce, it qualified as a more complete meal all by itself. She was told that she HAD to get a milk, some juice or some rice to go with it, or she'd have to pay more. She's threatening to go back through the line next time, get the rice she won't eat, and sprinkle it all over the lunch person's cash register. Then she's going to stand on a table and rant about the unfairness of it all, until they haul her off. The horrible part is that, when she's not on meds, I can SOOOOOOOO see it happening!!!!!!!!!!!

Fortunately, Christmas break is looming, so maybe we'll get through the holidays before she actually gets herself arrested for causing a public disturbance or something like that. Spontaneity is all very well and fine, but rampant ADHD is QUITE another story. I'm almost afraid to take her to the movies in the next week or so ... Tim Burton's new one is coming out this week, then Lord of the Rings, then something on Christmas Day (I have early Alzheimer's), so there's a bunch we all want to see, but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to restrain her in public! Guess we'll see what happens. Well, dryer is done ... time to try for another hour or so of sleep before I do it all over again. Haven't seen either B or Megan online, so I'm assuming (as I always do, paranoic that I am) that I am persona non grata once more. I can't help that, I guess. I've outlined the only thing I can do to try to put things right with the boy, and I'm thinking something similar is the only way the girl and I will ever patch things up. As I've told all of them repeatedly ... they can walk away at any time (and do), but I'm always here.

[sometimes I get tired of just existing here, but I'm not sure how to do anything else]
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