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An update...

Some of you are probably going to be pretty smug about this one... go ahead, I deserve it!  I went to the doctor today, finally, and subjected myself to a SEVERE chastisement over my neglect of my general health, as well as my questionable intelligence in trying to handle a "dangerous" condition on my own.  Ok, the chorus of "I told you so" can start anytime.

So, what have we discovered so far?  That my blood pressure is still too high.  That I've probably done a bit of damage to my heart and bones by messing with the colitis.  I have to go have a bone density test soon, as well as make arrangements to wear a 24-hour heart monitor within the next couple weeks.  As soon as they get the results of the blood work back, we will set about deciding when I have to go back to the gastroenterologist, then the urologist, then the gynecologist.  THEN, if I'm lucky, I can get away without seeing a CARDIOLOGIST.  I feel like an idiot, but that's what happens when one thinks one can "handle" it, isn't it?

Actually, if I'm lucky, I'll be around for another 5 or 10 years... hopefully long enough to see my kids out on their own and (maybe) reasonably happy.  Guess I'll keep my fingers crossed for that one.  And start making all those damn appointments.  I have not enjoyed being sick for so long, but the "cure" is almost as inconvenient, if you ask me.  I detest doctor's offices and dealing with medical professionals.  I detest all the little indignities they heap on one - gowns that don't close all the way, poking and prodding orifices that shouldn't be prodded or poked, y'know, all that FUN stuff!

At any rate, I will keep my friends appraised of any further developments, especially since some of you have been yelling at me for MONTHS to get this done.  Are we happy now???  *snicker*
P.S. If Jason Bonham can duplicate the work his dad did on this album, that kid has success sewn up!!!!

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