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Life... what a conundrum!

This time of year, I feel like a dog chasing its tail... or a squirrel in a cage.  Chasing my tail, running in circles, feeling exhausted, but accomplishing very little in terms of actual, verifiable results.  Blah.  The 'wizard' is tired and cranky - pay no attention to that silly woman behind the screen!! (paraphrasing one of my favorite lines from the movie "The Wizard of Oz")

It seems, with the onset of the "holiday season," people are getting more and more 'touchy.'  As in, taking things out of context and getting totally whipped out of shape over them.  Yes, the "holidays" are a stressful time for many of us - especially us 'mom-type' folks.  Yes, I can understand how, when breezing through a full inbox of email, one can easily misconstrue certain things.

What I don't understand is this knee-jerk reaction to it all.  Maybe it's just me.  Perhaps it has something to do with getting to this point, where the kids are no longer as enthralled with the 'magic' of the season.  There is no longer this driving compulsion to 'keep up with the Joneses' or other various neighbors.  There is, however, a certain ennui where it involves the usual 'holiday' duties... shopping, wrapping, mailing, cooking, planning, cleaning.  Ok, I have a relaxed attitude toward the cleaning stuff anyway.  At least I'm honest about it.

It just baffles me how uptight people are at this time of year.  It might not be as noticeable in those we don't know, but when people we DO know start snapping like that, it really drives it home.  I haven't gotten to that point yet, thank whatever higher power exists!  For example, today I just wasn't feeling great this morning when I had to get Steven moving.  I still don't know if he was late to work or not, since I passed out cold right about the time I should have been getting him out the door.  I slept right through the alarm that I'd set so I could assist the girl-child in making it to class on time.  And I almost slept through the phone call from her when she should have been home already.

I did, however, find the phone (in the wastebasket next to my bed-don't ask) in time to answer it.  Turns out, the poor kid had completely forgotten my admonition to downshift her automatic transmission truck into second gear BEFORE coming down the hill to the stop sign, three driveways away from our house.  She slid through the intersection into the ditch across the road.  Some backstory here:  We live in the LAST truly rural part of Oakland County.  On a dirt road.  In Michigan.  It's WINTER.  It has been cold, icy, and snowy for a couple weeks now.  It is altogether too easy to go slip-sliding all over the place as soon as one hits the brakes.

My son, the gear-head, paid a LOT of attention to what mom was doing when driving in all sorts of conditions.  Not so my daughter.  She was usually more caught up in what was going on in that all-too-busy head of hers when mom was driving the mom-bus (y'know, all-purpose, anytime taxi service for children?).  So, the poor, ADDled (ADD-affected) child called from the corner needing a tow out of the ditch.  Under normal (last year's) circumstances, this would not have even been a problem.  But that was then, and this is now.

My son has my truck.  The big one with the four wheel drive and the tow chain.  At work.  In Lake Orion.  And I can't call him.  *I* have his Trans Am.  With a 160 degree thermostat that is great for drag-racing in the summer, but does not allow the car to heat to even a semi-thaw in the WINTER.  With nifty 'street/strip' tires that are excellent at grabbing on dry pavement but allow no traction on anything less.  Hmmm, whatever does the mom-type-person do?  Punt, of course.  Well, maybe not, but it still sounds good to me.  :p  So there.

I dutifully donned socks, boots, coat, and gloves, and trudged down to the corner (which, in my present condition, is farther than I've walked since I went to the store the other day).  Trudging, in the 20 degree weather with the stupid wind chill at gawd-knows-what.  This, only after making the girl PROMISE that she wouldn't try to get the truck out on her own.  I was reasonably certain, once I got there and put it in FOUR WHEEL DRIVE (like it should have been in to begin with), I would be able to get it out without having to do any extra finagling.  Which turned out to be the case, thankfully.  Not, though, without having to assuage the poor kid's already bruised and battered self-image.  Since then, for the past four hours, I've done little but listen to her beat up on herself about everything she CAN'T do right and tried to counter it with the things that she DOES do right.

Where was I?  What did I start this out with?  Oh yeah... life's conundrums.  Action, reaction.  Circles, spirals, and holidays.  Never mind.  I think this little ramble is proof that I am losing my mind and should be put somewhere where I can't hurt myself any more than usual.  Until then, though, I will soldier on, trying (where possible) to handle the holidays, kids, relatives, and animals with my "game face."  And dealing with the dissonance that so frequently rears its ugly visage right when I need it the least.  Just like everyone else, right?  RIGHT!!

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