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It's beginning to look a lot like...?

A mess, if you want to know the truth.  Ten inches of snow, 2 to 3 foot drifts, and one helluva lot of shoveling.  Shoveling, instead of 'throwing' the snow cuz, guess what??  MSK put the snowthrower back on the tractor last weekend and DID NOT do it right AGAIN this year!!

I swear, every single damn time, he messes SOMETHING up on it.  This time, it happened to be a belt.  Last year, it was the lift mechanism.  Year before last, it was a couple of bolts that SHOULD have been tightened down, but weren't.  I remember THAT year vividly because *I* was the first to use the stupid thing and had the devil's own time with it.  In the semi-darkness.  With the snow still falling and the wind still blowing.  Meaning, of course, that I couldn't wear my glasses.

I also remember a certain alien-child, sneaking out of the house while I was in the midst of cursing out MSK for the umpteenth time.  He snuck out to the trees by the road, hid behind them, and started lobbing snowballs at me while I was trying to unclog the stupid chute.  Of course, without my glasses, I couldn't see more than three feet in front of me, at least not clearly.  I saw the first snowball hit, but couldn't tell where it came from.  The second one came at me from the side, though, so I knew it wasn't falling from the trees.  No, I knew there was a gremlin hiding in the trees, but he was wearing black, it was dark and I couldn't see that far.

I did the next best thing... tried to ignore it.  Unfortunately, I was also wet, cold, tired and pissed off at MSK.  Having an alien-child lurking around behind me lobbing snowballs at me was the LAST thing I wanted to deal with.  I mean, yeah, I was glad he was enjoying himself, but still.  I made it most of the way back up the driveway before the chute clogged again.  I got off the tractor and caught movement out of the corner of my eye.  As I turned around to look, the silly boy THREW himself, literally THREW himself, face first into the snow.  Wearing black.  Thinking that there might be enough snow to hide him.  Duh.

He peeked up to look at me, saw that he was 'made,' and came walking over.  I couldn't help myself, I smacked him with my extremely wet, extremely COLD glove.  Repeatedly.  He didn't like it but, at that point, I was too damn 'all-of-the-above' to care.  Despite my irritation, though, I had to laugh.  Who else would be kamikaze enough to DIVE, headfirst, into the snow just to TRY to avoid being seen?  Him, of course.  A fond memory, one I doubt I'll ever forget as long as I live in snow country.  Thanks, kiddo!!

As for today - eh. I'm now tired, sore, cold and hungry.  Dinner still had to be made, dishes still had to be washed, and now MSK is bitching because his snowblower didn't work.  Poor guy!  I wish I could spare a tear or two when his toys break, but it has happened too often.  It WAS funny, though, when he decided to use it as a snowplow instead and got it stuck.

Steven had to take my truck out there and pull him out.  Of course, that wasn't good enough, however.  He then proceeded to get it stuck up by the garage and wanted Steven to use my truck to PUSH it out.  Um, I'm thinking, NO WAY IN HELL.  He was NOT going to screw up the front end of that truck pushing that snowthrower with all the stupid sharp edges on it.  No, no, no!!  I threw a coat on again (after spending two hours outside shoveling my ass off) and pushed the damn thing out myself.  Funny what you can do when the adrenaline pumps, isn't it?

Now we have the usual 'cabin fever' wars... I quit.  Let 'em kill each other, I just wish they'd do it QUIETLY.  No chance of that, though.  Wish I could find my headphones...

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