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An open letter to Michael Moore...

It's no secret that I think Michael Moore is, in the vernacular, "the shit."  He's either the greatest thing to come out of the State of Michigan since the Model T, or the biggest embarrassment since the Edsel, depending upon your politics and your viewpoint.  Personally, I'd say he's right up there with the Pontiac GTO in my book.  Which is to say, totally awesome.

Today, I received another of Michael's newletters, one congratulating the youth of Iowa for coming out in record numbers last night, as well as lauding the Democrats of that great state, as a whole, for setting an amazing precedent by choosing Barak Obama as the standard-bearer of the Democratic Party in the upcoming Presidential election.  Please don't misunderstand me, I LOVE Michael Moore, I think Iowa is a terrific state, and I like the people I've had the good fortune to meet in Iowa.  BUT (you knew that was coming) I am still extremely upset by the total disenfranchisement of MY entire state (Michigan) in the primary process.  I'm even MORE upset by the complete lack of even any MENTION of this fact, much less any outrage over the situation.  Hence, the following email, sent off to Mr. Moore this morning:

Thank you, Michael, for being a big enough person to look at the overall picture of the Iowa caucuses.  I wasn't sure what to expect after your prior email that appeared to endorse Senator Edwards.  I'm glad that you were heartened by the unprecedented endorsement of a black man by an overwhelmingly white state.  I, too, was impressed, not only by the history-making vote, but by the numbers of young people that turned out.

My concern, however, is that our state, your HOME state, has been completely and totally disenfranchised in all this hoopla.  Michigan will have no part in choosing the Democratic standard-bearer in this year's elections, and I had expected more of an uproar over it.  I had hoped that, whether through the court system, or through plain ole whooping and hollering, Michigan would be granted more of an opportunity to participate in both the process and the largesse that it spreads economically.

Do you read Anderson Cooper's 360 blogs?  I read one yesterday that spoke of the mass exodus that would take place today and the problems it might bring.  In it, there was mention made of almost 2,000 rental cars that were due back at the Des Moines airport alone.  What kind of kick to our (Michigan's) economy would such a thing have brought?  How many hundreds of thousands, or maybe millions, of dollars is Michigan losing because of the decision, made in the backrooms of the good-old-boy political halls, to buck the system and effectively sideline an entire STATE?  Why is no one seeming even remotely upset by this?  Where is the outrage??

I am proud that the youth in Iowa came out last night and did what OUR youth, here in Michigan, will be denied the opportunity to do.  But I am angry, mad as hell, that we have been completely and totally overlooked, even by you.  Michael, buddy, we need help.  The state that nurtured you in your youth, that supported you in your young adulthood, needs you to do some hollering on our behalf.  I would have thought that, even though the national media have completely ignored our plight, you, at the least, would have MENTIONED the inequity taking place.  To see nothing from you on this matter has been disheartening.

I know it's irrational to hope that someone with the international stature that you've attained would take up such a REGIONAL issue.  I know my anger and irritation with the Iowans is misplaced.  I know that it wouldn't do any good to run the next car with Iowa plates I see on my way up to the U.P. off the road.  But I'll still be tempted.  Such is the nature of human beings when they feel completely and utterly helpless in the face of forces that individuals cannot successfully oppose.  No, I won't do anything of the sort.  I will remember the few times I have been in Iowa, and the kind, friendly people who stopped in the midst of their everyday lives to help me and my family.  But that minute, momentary resentment will still be there.  That voice that says, "Why not US?"  And I'll wait to see if you, the champion of the underdog, the voice of reason with humor, have anything to add.


So, whaddaya say, Michael?  How about a nod to the good old Great Lakes State, and some of the problems this little glitch in the election process has caused us, in some of your speechifying?  We could sure use the help, buddy!

Thanks in advance,

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